Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatments vs. Chemical Treatments What Are You Getting For Your Money


  1. You only have to treat 1 time
  2. No need to pack up all personal belongings
  3. No need to wash and dry all clothing, linens and bedding
  4. You can return home from work or school to a bedbug free home.
  5. No need to worry about dangerous chemical residues.
  6. No need to be concerned if furniture was treated thoroughly because heat penetrates furniture
  7. Heat penetrates your bed and box spring and kills all stages of bedbugs
  8. Heat penetrates your walls and all other areas of your home
  9. Heat penetrates boxes and storage cartons
  10. Heat permeates through books, magazines, pictures, paperwork and all other personal items in your home


  1. You have to treat 3 TIMES
  2. You have to pack all personal belongings to avoid contact with chemicals – 3 TIMES
  3. You have to wash and dry all clothing, linens and bedding – 3 TIMES
  4. You have to wait for at least 2 more treatments (4-6 weeks) before they stop feeding on you
  5. You must ensure that your pets and children stay away from any chemical residues
  6. Chemicals sprayed on your furniture can damage them and then you have to sit on the chemicals
  7. Chemicals can’t get inside your bed, and if sprayed on the outside, you have to lie in them
  8. Holes need to be drilled in between each stud of your wall to effectively treat an infested wall
  9. You have to remove all clutter and then treat everything within the boxes with chemicals
  10. Many personal items cannot be treated with chemicals because they will be permanently damaged


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