Heat Vs. Fumigation

Bed Bugs – What is the Best Way To Kill Them?

Heat, Fumigation, Chemicals, Steam or Freezing

Heat and Fumigation are the only solutions that will kill all stages of  bed bugs with only one application.

How Long Will The Treatment Take?

Treatment times will depend upon the size of the premises, the type of construction and the amount of clutter. Bedbug Chasers’ balance between heat and airflow substantially reduces the amount of time necessary to reach critical temperature.

The homeowner can leave for work and return to a bed bug free home, the landlord can treat a unit while the tenant is at work or school and the hotel manager can treat a room during a standard checkout and check-in period.

Heat Remediation vs. Fumigation

  • Heat DOES NOT use chemicals
  • Heat Treatments are Minimally Intrusive
  • Preparation and Clean-Up Times for Heat
  • Treatments Are Significantly Less than Fumigation
  • BBC Heat Treatment Time is Significantly
  • Less than Fumigation
  • Heat is More Affordable than Fumigation

The Convenience of Heat Remediation

  • No need to pack up all personal belongings
  • No need to wash and dry all clothing, linens and bedding
  • No need to worry about dangerous chemical residues.
  • No need to be concerned if furniture was treated thoroughly.
  • No need to go through this process 3 times
  • No need to worry about anything


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