Know the Facts About Heaters

Know The Facts: Not All Heaters Are The Same!

Before Selecting a Heat Provider, Be sure to Ask:

What type of heat will you be using in my home?
Be cautious of open flame propane heaters that can produce dangerously high temperatures and are potential fire hazards. We only use 100% safe electric heaters with microprocessor technology
that ensure uniform temperatures sufficient to terminate all stages of bedbugs, but will not cause any damage to your personal property.

How long is it going to take to heat my home?
Our patented technology, which combines the perfect combination of heat and air-flow, turns your home into a supercharged convection oven, significantly reducing the time it takes to heat your home
and kill all stages of bedbugs. You can be confident then when you return home from school or work your home will be bedbug free.

Can you heat my entire home at the same time?
As the manufacturer of the Bedbug Chaser heater, we have access to millions of BTU’s of heat at our disposal. So whether you have a 200 square foot apartment or a 20,000 square foot home, be
assured that we have enough heat to complete your project effectively all within one day. This is critical for a treatment to be successful because insufficient heat means certain areas of your home
can cool, allowing bedbugs to escape the heat and re-enter previously treated areas.

Will you use any of the electricity from my home?
The Bedbug Chaser heater is the only heater on the market that is solely powered by an external generator and includes two GFI outlets that power auxiliary fans. As a self contained single source
system, you can be assured that you will never be surprised to find a $500 electric bill the month after we finish your treatment.


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