The Science of Heat Treatments

Your #1 Choice For The Safe, Clean, & Chemical Free Elimination of Bedbugs

The Science – Years of research by top Universities and the Military have allowed us to understand the habits and lifecycles of bed bugs and this research points to only
one conclusion as to how to kill 100% of all stages of bed bugs - HEAT. A thorough understanding of metallurgy, aeronautics and thermodynamics have allowed us to develop
heating coils with a better rate of heat transfer, a highly conductive shape and an entire system whose airflow is matched directly to the proper amount of heat needed to kill
bed bugs.

The Technology – 21 century micro-processor technology has eliminated c st ontactors that cause a constant spike in heating temperature that is inherent in their design.
Our processor allows for micro-second heater modulation that produces the correct, even and constant flow of hot air. The shape and balance of the heater allows it to be
carried by one man with one hand up a flight of stairs.

The Common Sense – If you were a bed bug in the middle of a room and it started to get hot, but ever so slowly, what would you do? Get the heck out of there, right! It doesn’t
take long for bed bugs to crawl across the floor and out of the room. Now, if you were able to heat that same room 2 or 3 times faster, bed bugs would not have enough time to
crawl across the floor and out the door before they were overcome by the heat. Here’s the common sense part . . . do you a want a company that uses heaters that heat the room
fast or slow? Common sense tells you the heater that works faster is better!

So, who are you going to call to get rid of your bed bugs? The companies with converted space heaters that take hours or days to heat your house and let the bed bugs crawl into
deep hiding areas or BedBug Chasers who designed, engineered, tested and manufactured the fastest bed bug killing heaters on the market?


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